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Home / News / 25 June 2019: Swallow News
Home / News / 25 June 2019: Swallow News

25 June 2019: Swallow News

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Published 14:23 on 25 Jun 2019

This Edition's Salty Saying

.... as applied to the Vernon Trophy ...

National Championships - Urgent!
We are hoping for a good turnout at one of our favourite Championship locations.

Just at the moment some of you are being a bit reticent about entering and in fairness to our hosts it would be helpful if your entry and catering requirements could be conveyed to them asap.

In order to reduce your baggage requirements it has been agreed with BSC that jackets and ties will not be required for the Saturday evening dinner smart casual will suffice and for the BBQ on Friday too*. The forecast for the VT and weekend are pleasant with sunshine and light/moderate breezes and spring tide-assisted passages both ways!

* But for the tie-ophobic, don't throw your ties away just yet, CCW is unlikely to show similar leniency!

Vernon Trophy Start 13.45 Friday 5th July - Traffic Ashore and Afloat
It is the second day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. I would hope that our start time will minimise the potential disruption from FoS traffic but please allow for delays and choose your route to ISC with care.

It will be the final day of the Schools Sailing Championships (SSC). The Fireflies have a lunchtime break at East Head and we are hoping that we can start at a suitable location without getting in their way. Final instructions will be given at a briefing iro 12.30.

S and D
It might seem that many of our SandD candidates may be doing the RtI tomorrow. If there are any who are able to do it will they please let me know at lunchtime tomorrow so that I can sort the starting arrangements. Others will start at the normal time of 14.10.

Already reserved your mooring (via Charles Prescot) and entered too? 12 entries thus far! Don't forget to diary the Whimbrel/Blue Tit extravaganza* for Sunday evening too.

* Ties required

Points Week 17th to 21st June
We started as always on a spring HW and a sunny breezy classic (weren't those rollers on the way back from Calvert just great!) and ended it with another similar on the final Friday (this time from Treloar).

15 boats competed at some point with a core of 12. Osprey dominated this opening encounter and all three fleets celebrated on the Jetty House Lawn on a beautiful evening with plenty of fizz. New GM Amanda was able to join us too. Thank you to Haines for their sponsorship (and to Joe Burnie the new Chair for his welcome). On soggy Tuesday Skua (sailing for the first time) showed their exemplary tenacity to claw their way to the front but Kansu had dominated imperiously throughout and it was rather cruel to see them lose what would have been an impressive performance as too was Archon in 3rd.

B2B R3 was postponed as the wind faded and the rain became very annoying and the tide started ebbing strongly too! One rainy casualty (without a ball being bowled so to sp) was the Old Rectory's games afternoon but the tea was as scrumptious as ever (especially those scones) and the event raised a welcome £250 for the Chi Stroke Club.

R4 was another overcast affair but not lacking in spice. This time Gwaihir got the nod. The postponed R3 followed which the always up there Curlew took with aplomb after missing Pilsey Post, returning and then sailing an arc round the whole becalmed fleet! We had a very interesting and well-attended Club Dinner on Wednesday evening - with a disco too!

Thursday was yet another b2b day with a moderate breeze which suited Skua (incredibly) and then Osprey in the second with their positions reversed in t'other and Migrant securing her third podium finish of the week. Skittles with (or against!) the Sunbeams at the Barley Mow in Walderton was an inspired way to end a glorious day - and Prue R turned out to be the best Swallow skittler too!

So to the grand finale Skua (with no discard to play with) and Osprey en tete and Gwaihir ready to pounce. You couldn't have made it up. Skua (ever one for the pin end) was there as normal but then flicked right towards Pilsey Point to dodge the tide and was well, gone, and comfortably extended all the way around too. A sort of lap of honour! Marengo was back in the hunt and did well to be the best of the rest in 2nd, with Gwaihir in 3rd. A great way to end with a very well-attended prizegiving and fish and chips to round it off in the warm evening sunshine.

PW Buccanner Trophy results
1st Skua (Harry and Prue Roome, and Peter Roome) 11 points
2nd Osprey (James Hartley. Jeremy Sibthorpe, Ian Tillett) 14 points
3rd Gwaihir (Mark Struckett, Mike Wigmore and Rachael Struckett/Christine Graves) 18 points
4th Migrant (Charles Fisher, Richard Thompson, Nigel Glennie) 31 points
5th Curlew (Simon Slater, James Barron, Tim Boswijk) 34 points

Mid-fleet prize: Swift (Jon Perry, Peter Brasier and Robert Laird)

Quickest pack up the boat and get to the bar prize: (bandana-wearing James Birkett and team Tim's 250hp outboard might have helped a tad!).
Quote: (from a first-timer PW Swallow participant) "an amazing and fantastic week"

Ideas for next time: B2B every day? Who to replace Roger Wickens in 2021 after what will have been an unbroken 16 years as PRO?

Charles et le Loop - Starts Tomorrow!
Bonjour à tout le monde! ... c'est moi, Charles!
After seven months of training, the moment has finally arrived - this Saturday in Brussels I start my attempt to ride the whole of this year's Tour de France route. As mentioned before, each of the 21 daily stages will be ridden one week ahead of the pros, 23 days in total including the two rest days. It is 2,146 miles and 186,000 feet of climbing. Thanks again for your support - details are at

If you are interested, there will be event Facebook coverage on #LeLoop2019 and at I will post updates on Facebook, Strava and by email whenever I can.

There are numerous writeups about the route such as

Best wishes, CH

Last updated 16:24 on 5 August 2021

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